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As pioneers in advancing new venture development within the framework of the Canadian Start-Up Visa Program, we stand out in the industry. Curious to explore how our specialized assistance can propel Start-Up Visa applicants towards success? Discover the tailored support and expertise we offer to navigate your entrepreneurial journey in Canada.

What We Offer

Our comprehensive services encompass every stage of your Startup Visa journey, ensuring seamless navigation and success in the Canadian market.

Startup Visa Guidance

Expert support throughout the application process for the Canadian Startup Visa program.

Strategic Planning

Tailored strategies for business development and growth in the Canadian market.

Operational Setup

Assistance with setting up your venture's operations and infrastructure in Canada.

Immigration Support

Collaboration with trusted immigration partners for a smooth transition to Canada.

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Diverse Horizons: Our Extensive Portfolio Across Industries

Your Comprehensive Partner for Start-Up Visa Support


Innovating for healthier communities, we've supported startups transforming patient care through cutting-edge technology and accessible healthcare solutions.


Enhancing care across ages, our ventures deliver innovative services and solutions for patients, streamline pharmacy operations, and provide invaluable tools for healthcare professionals.


Cultivating sustainability, our agricultural startups leverage modern technologies to increase yield, efficiency, and environmental sustainability in farming practices.

Finance and Banking

Reimagining financial services, we back startups that enhance financial inclusion, introduce innovative banking solutions, and redefine investment strategies.

Real Estate and Engineering

Building the future, our engagement spans supporting ventures that innovate in construction technologies, sustainable real estate developments, and engineering solutions.

IT and Communications

Powering connections, we foster startups that drive advancements in software, cybersecurity, telecom, and digital communication platforms.

Manufacturing and Logistics

Streamlining production to delivery, our startups revolutionize manufacturing processes and logistics operations through AI, automation, and efficient supply chain management.


Shaping minds, we invest in educational technologies and platforms that make learning accessible, engaging, and effective for diverse audiences.


Enhancing experiences, our ventures in hospitality focus on innovative service models, customer engagement strategies, and sustainability practices in tourism and accommodation.

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What Our Clients Say

"DeltaVen transformed our journey. From an idea to a thriving startup in Canada's healthcare industry, their guidance was invaluable. Thanks to DeltaVen, our dream is now a reality."

Mehrdad Co-founder of MedTech Innovations

"The expertise and support from DeltaVen were exceptional. They navigated us through the Startup Visa process with ease, allowing us to focus on our agricultural technology venture. We couldn't have asked for a better partner."

Shirin CEO of AgriGrow Solutions

"Embarking on the Startup Visa journey seemed daunting until we met DeltaVen. Their personalized approach and industry insights were pivotal in the success of our IT startup. They truly understand what entrepreneurs need."

Reza Founder of TechBridge Communications

"DeltaVen's team provided us with the comprehensive support we needed to launch our educational platform in Canada. Their dedication to our success was evident at every step. Highly recommended for any entrepreneur looking to make an impact."

Zahra Co-founder of EduFutures

Why Choose Us

We operate at warp speed to grow your business

Specialized Expertise

Benefit from our in-depth knowledge and experience specifically tailored to navigating the complexities of the Canadian Startup Visa program.

Proven Track Record

Join over 200 successful entrepreneurs who have trusted DeltaVen to guide them through the Startup Visa process with outstanding results.

Comprehensive Support

From initial setup to post-launch, we provide holistic support, ensuring every aspect of your startup journey is meticulously planned and executed.

Personalized Approach

Receive customized solutions and dedicated attention, tailored to your unique business goals, aspirations, and challenges.

Industry Connections

Tap into our extensive network of investors, mentors, and industry experts, opening doors to valuable opportunities and resources for your venture.

Ongoing Mentorship

Beyond visa approval, our commitment continues with ongoing mentorship, guidance, and support to help you navigate challenges and maximize success.

Ready to embark on your Startup Visa journey?

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Our Services

We excel at high-velocities

Business Consultation


With years of experience in delivering products to different markets and analyzing results and feedbacks, we investigate and modify your current business plan, redesign your development and operations to align with a powerful go-to-market strategy.

Business Consultation


We give entrepreneurs of tomorrow insights into what leadership looks like and how to take a project from beginning to end. We teach dynamic and critical thinking when facing new challenges in your work, helping you derive better results in the end.


Partnership Opportunities

Working in any market, you need to make strong bonds with your customers and build strategic relations with active players of the market; and for that, your representation and the trust you make play vital roles. We help you secure powerful LOIs in your market


Funding Opportunities

We are committed to provide access to capital for the teams we support at different stages from pre-seeds to venture capital funding through our robust network of partnered funding organizations and individuals.

Business Operations

Market Research

We provide teams with distinct insight into emerging opportunities, challenges, and trends relevant to the problem solved. We assess market conditions to uncover gaps, find opportunities and identify potentials.

Business Operations

Tech-based Products

With access to expert developers working with cutting edge technologies, i.e. IoT, AI, Blockchain, etc., we can offer agile development tactics and DevOps best practices enable us to deliver a functional MVP to market with no delay.

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Startup Visa Program Success: How to Give Your Applicants an Edge

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